Educon 2.3: A Letter to My Daughter

hows educon? what do u do? is it just a bunch of smart people meeting and talking or is it something different?

The text message above was sent to me by twelve year old daughter as I sat in the second session of EduCon 2.3 this afternoon. To me, her text encapsulated the very idea of EduCon.

Here’s my response:

Dear Anna,
     Thanks for your text. EduCon is great, thanks. It’s more than just “smart people meeting and talking.” It’s about smart and passionate people not only talking, but listening as well. The key to EduCon is the conversation.
     Well-meaning, passionate people, who are driven to improve education gather at this outstanding little school, this exciting family under the banner of Science Leadership Academy. Here, the conversation either starts or continues, and that fire is taken back into schools across the country, to ideally, inspire change.
     Actually, honey, Educon is about you, your sisters, and the millions of students just like you. These adults, meeting, talking, and listening, truly care about you and your future. These adults truly care about you finding your passion, connecting in a digital world, and personalizing your learning. This is why I missed your soccer game today. Congrats on your goal, by the way. This is why I am here. I care about your present and your future, as does everyone gathered here. This was some text, eh? I love you. gtg.