What’s Next?

It’s been over nine months.

Did you miss me?

I could write a rather long post that fills in the blanks of why these pages have been blank since August or I could describe it well with just one, single word.


So now, what’s next?

I’ve been grappling with how to fill these pages.  Should this be devoted to education, students and learning?  Should it be a journal of professional self-reflection?  As an educator, I have a lot to say about the present and future state of education.

Unless, I decide to fill this space with more musings on family life.  As the father of four (yes, a change since my last post), I believe I have a lot to add about fatherhood, family, and faith.  I’m not saying that I lead the most interesting of lives but I do think I have something to share.  I once said that my life would be far more exciting if Gus Johnson provided the commentary.

Gus Johnson Erupts Over Ben Watson Header

I could also decided to split this space between education and family.  Both are connected and I am currently doing this here to a small extent.

I am leaning toward adding a second blog.  Making one with a focus on family and one devoted to education.  Besides, that would give people a chance to not read my musings twice.

Your thoughts?

What’s next?