Predictions for 2012

Everyone else seems to post their prediction for 2012, so I might as well, too.  I hope January 2 is not too late for predictions.  I’m not sure if I really went out on a limb, but, oh well.  I avoided education predictions because I have hopes for education that I will share later.  This time next year, all six of my readers can take me to task for my incorrect choices.

Iowa caucus winner:  Rick Santorum

New Hampshire primary winner:  Mitt Romney

Republican presidential nominee:  Mitt Romney

Republican vice presidential nominee:  Marco Rubio

Does Joe Biden remain on the Democratic ticket?  Yes

Does Donald Trump run for president as a minor party candidate?  No

Is “America Elects” a factor in the presidential race?  Not this year

Presidential Election Winner:  Barack Obama, in a squeaker

Who wins the House?  Republicans

Who wins the Senate?  A tie

Biggest International Troublemaker for US:  Iran

Academy Award, Best Picture:  War Horse

Academy Award, Best Actress:  Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady

Academy Award, Best Actor:  George Clooney, The Descendants

Professional Sports Champions:  Saints (NFL),  Canucks (NHL),  Heat (NBA), Phillies (MLB)

NCAA National Champions: Alabama (football), Kentucky (basketball – men), Baylor (basketball – women; because my wife and daughter are going to the Final Four in Denver)

Biggest Tech Disappointment:  iPad 3

Newest Talk Show Host: Herman Cain

And one more thing… The Mayans are wrong.