Dusting Off My Google Reader

     Like an old college textbook, my Google Reader has been left on the shelf to gather dust.

     Not a lot of dust, but dust nonetheless.

     Why did this important piece of Web 2.0 technology get cast aside into the dustbin of cyberspace?

      Blame it on Twitter.

      My use of Twitter to expand my learning network pushed my Google Reader out of the way like a Slinky on December 26 or a Betamax.  All of the bloggers I followed were Tweeting their little hearts out and when I need more information, I relied on the good old fashion favorite bar or (gasp) I even just typed out the URL.  Actually, I was happy, or, better put, I didn’t know what I was missing.

     As part of the PLP Pregame activity, I dusted off my Google Reader.  What a happy reunion it was!  There was my news feed, rolling down the page in an organized manner.  There were my hand-picked bloggers, busting out tomes that were over 140 characters!  I immediately felt guilty for cheating on my G-Reader.

     Here’s a thought: my Google Reader can complement Twitter.  Both can complement the other to create something more exciting, a happy accident, like chocolate and peanut butter.  So Google Reader, I pledge to never shelve you again.  I pledge to use to enhance my PLN.  I pledge to not cast you aside like a busted Slinky.