Tranquility and Perspective

I meant to post this yesterday:

A few weeks ago, as we were decorating the house for the Christmas season, I placed our Nativity scene, complete with the stable and all of the figurines, from the lowly shepherds to the Christ child.  The whole scene was arranged meticulously on a coffee table at a prominent place in my living room.  After we finished, I took a step back and admired the scene.  I imagined that this is how things may have played out over 2,000 years ago.  The scene was so beautiful, so serene, right down to the very last camel and the angel watching overhead.

The tranquility was interrupted by my two year old daughter.

She too was struck by the scene, struck by how it was right at eye level and how she could reach every blessed part of it.  Nothing escaped her grasp.  The attention to detail was disregarded as all of the figurines were piled into the corner of the stable.  During the chaos, one of her older sisters told her about the Nativity scene.  Later, she ran over with excitement holding the manager in her little hands and told me, “This is baby Jesus.”

For me, this was a remarkable Advent moment.  The childlike innocence of my daughter shined through when she excitedly discovered baby Jesus.  The quiet anticipation of the Advent season is often overshadowed by the frenzied pace of the Christmas season.  This busy time is all about balance and keeping focus.

My prayer and hope for you and all who you hold dear is that you find the baby Jesus at your own pace.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!